15 Most Profitable Niches for a Niche Website

So what are some of the most profitable niches that will help you jumpstart your career?

Online business or a website or a blog begins with choosing the right niche which has to be profitable. This is something that we all know and agree to – great.

The issue, however, is the definition of the profitability.

For me, a profitable niche is one that gives me 100% ROI. If I invest $100, and it returns me $100, I will be happy.

For someone else, a profitable niche will be one that generates up to $1000 a month in pure profit.

For a beginner, a profitable niche will be one that generates $300 a month.

The second issue is more serious. Pursuing a profitable niche doesn’t ensure or guarantee that it will turn out to be profitable for you.

A niche that’s profitable and is working cool for me might not work for you due to difference(s) in capital, marketing strategy, target market, target audience and so on.

For example, Apple is a profitable company. Does it mean if you start a similar company and do everything that the company did, you will be able to create a new company that’s more profitable (or equally profitable) than Apple?

No, not at all.

Same is true for most profitable niches. There is no guarantee and pursuing a profitable niche doesn’t mean it will make you rich.

Keeping these two issues (or I must say variables) in mind, let’s move ahead and have a look at the 15 most profitable niches for your blog.


1. Health and Fitness

Health and fitness are the two markets that are evergreen and are no less than gems.

Diet, weight loss, medical issues, rare diseases, home remedies, herbal medicines, recipes, etc. are some of the most profitable and most searched niches in the health market.

Fitness market is not as broad as health market but it is extremely profitable. It includes niches such as weight loss supplements, body mass supplements, equipment, pills, fitness programs and others.

The best thing about choosing a niche from health and fitness market is that you will be able to make money throughout the year as this is not a seasonal market. Additionally, the target audience is desperate.

Think of a woman who wants to lose weight because she is terribly fat. She has tried everything and nothing seems to work. She just needs a solution to weight loss that actually works.

Put yourself in her shoes. Offer her a solution to her problem and you will have a customer for life.


2. Romance

Romance sells.

Think of a dating website, a relationship eBook, a how-to guide on looking attractive, and tips on choosing the outfit for your first date.

Not just that romance is a market for singles but it works equally well for married, committed and divorced. I mean who doesn’t want to be loved?

Romance is not a huge market but it is surely one of the most profitable markets. Any niche that you choose will have severe competition but you will see more than enough return.


3. Wealth

Wealth is one of the fastest growing markets which includes several hundred (or maybe thousand) niches. Whether it be online money making opportunities and ideas or it be something related to traditional businesses, it covers everything.

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It includes niches such as internet businesses, ecommerce, drop shipping, affiliate marketing, website flipping, blogging, online money opportunities, work from home, and the list continues.

The basic idea is that everyone wants to earn money and want to be rich. This is something basic, right? So selling anything that helps the general public in earning money will work under all types of conditions.


4. Travel

Travel is a seasonal market and thus, most of the niches in this market are seasonal. If you are targeting a specific geographic region, you will have to find innovative ideas to keep your audience busy in offseason.

Normally, it doesn’t happen because you can switch to other travel destinations and products. For example, if you are promoting Chicago, its food, places to visit etc. you can switch to another state when the Chicago is covered with snow.

Travel includes pretty much anything ranging from air fares to travel bags to maps to GPS devices to guides to digital cameras and more. Everything that’s related to a traveler and can be of any help, you can promote it as an affiliate marketer.


5. Financial Products, Services, and Software

Finance is massive and a profitable market and every niche within this sector is profitable.

The best thing about promoting financial products and services is that the average commission per sale is exceptionally high. A few sales a month will be more than enough for you.

It is the market that receives the most clicks on the internet after departmental stores. Why there are so many people clicking on the financial products and services?

It is simple. It is related to money.


6. Departmental Stores

This should be surprising but the fact is departmental store is the most clicked market on the internet. Think of Walmart, Macy’s, Halls, Barney’s and several others. Everyone wants to shop from these stores, every other person is looking for discount cards, and a lot of us are looking for gift vouchers.

The issue is promoting these departmental stores and their offers. You can join a few of them as an affiliate and can send traffic to their online store but for others, you have to come up with an alternate business model.

7. Home and Garden

Home and garden is not a massive market and the niches are not too many but they are for sure profitable. Home improvement, home remodeling, home furniture, and anything related to home falls into this category and it makes it a decent enough market.


8. Clothing

Clothing is not related to fashion rather this is a niche that’s purely related to clothing such as shirts, jeans, men’s wear, kid’s wear, and women’s wear. Everything that’s included in these categories will sell throughout the year.

Clothing is the basic need and even if you have a lot of clothes hanging in your cupboard, there is always room for more – especially if you are a woman. This is why this is such a lucrative niche.


9. Fashion

There is a whole bunch of people who love to follow new trends. They want to stay updated and current. This need of millions of people makes fashion one of the most lucrative niches.

Fashion products are expensive, especially the new ones which provide you with a decent commission per sale. However, as a marketer who promotes fashion products, you have to stay updated. You must be the first one to analyze and forecast new trends and respond in time.

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When you are the first mover in the fashion industry, you will make big bucks.


10. Computer and Electronics

Something very obvious. Computers and electronics are the need of the current era.

Electrical appliances, gadgets, gaming consoles, tablets, phones, and related products have huge demand.

If you are in the computer and electronics niche, you will not only have a chance to earn massive commission but you will love all those repeat customers. Technical advancements result in new and updated products very often and this provides you with a great chance to sell updated and new models of the same product to the same list of customers over and over again.


11. Business

This a professional market and the niches within the business market are professional. You will be promoting products to the businesses which is not an easy thing to do.

Niches include investing, tools, templates, business ideas, customer services, digital marketing and several others.

Most of these niches are evergreen but you have to convince business owners to buy and this is a bit hard.


12. Entertainment

Hulu Plus, Netflix, online streaming websites, movie websites, proxies etc. are all some of the top niches in the entertainment market that will prove to be extremely profitable for you.

Entertainment products and services are not expensive but they have demand and this is why a lot of businesses and affiliates prefer starting their career from entertainment niche.


13. Sports

Sports happen to be a famous, lucrative, and evergreen niche. There are hundreds of sports and each sport has several niches, for instance, golf training is one niche, golf devices is another niche, golf equipment is another, golf swing is another and so on.

Finding and targeting the right audience for sports niche is fairly easy. You normally know where you will find your target audience and this makes it one of the best niches for beginners.


14. Hobbies

Hobbies niche is related to sports but it includes a whole lot of niches that are not available in the sports market. For example, metal detection, gardening, fishing, painting etc. are some of the hobbies that are not sports.

To be successful in a hobby niche, you have to be an expert at the hobby because you will be dealing with the experts. For example, if you have started a blog about fishfinders, and you don’t have firsthand experience with fishing and using some of the best fishfinders, you will not be able to help the hobbyists in the truest sense.


15. Games

An evergreen niche that has the potential to make you rich. The gamers do not care about the money rather they are interested in the game, so making money with gaming niche is not a big deal.

However, it is a competitive market and you must choose a specific niche so as to make decent money from your efforts.


These 15 most profitable niches will help you jump start your online career. All the best!


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