5 Critical Affiliate Marketing Mistakes That Ruin Your Affiliate Commission

There are quite a few critical affiliate marketing mistakes that cause affiliate marketers lots of cash. When you make such a critical mistake, you lose sales and customers.

Nobody likes losing customers.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the most critical and biggest affiliate marketing mistakes made by affiliate marketers.


1. Losing Hope

You don’t have to lose hope. At times, it gets really hard and there seems to be no solution – but you have to keep moving.

Perhaps the biggest mistake an affiliate marketer makes is none other than losing hope.

As a new affiliate marketer, you will not going to make much. In fact, there will be times when you will not earn a penny. You have to wait for at least three months (or even more) before you will start earning money from affiliate marketing.

The problem starts when you don’t see any results despite putting lots and lots of effort. No sales for weeks and months. Not much traffic.

And you are doing your best. You are running an affiliate marketing campaign. You are promoting your affiliate blog. You are publishing 3 to 4 times a week.

Still no sales. No traffic. And even Google is not indexing your blog posts.

This is the point where the majority of the affiliate marketers lose hope and quit. The ones who pass this phase, succeed.

I have been through this phase several times. Every new blog and affiliate website that I start goes through this same process. You cannot bypass it. You have to wait for a few months because search engines need time to crawl, index and rank your website.

To be successful, you can choose one path from these two:

  1. Keep doing the hard work. You will see the results soon.
  2. Switch to paid traffic. Why wait for search engines to send traffic. Run a PPC campaign.

Though using a paid traffic source might not result in sales immediately as you have to do some testing but at least, it will not de-motivate you. Decent traffic coming on your landing page keeps you motivated and upbeat.


2. Doing Too Much All At Once

This is one of the most critical affiliate marketing mistakes which is so common among beginner affiliate marketers.

When you do too much at a single time, you create problems for yourself that aren’t easy to handle.

For example, signing up with multiple affiliate networks, promoting multiple affiliate products in different niches, promoting multiple affiliate products in the same niche, using multiple marketing methods, and many others.

If you keep on changing trains, you will reach nowhere even if you spend your entire life traveling.

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Trying to do too much with affiliate marketing that too, at an initial stage, is a mistake that has to be avoided.

The rule is simple – stick to one thing at a time.

Whether it is affiliate network, affiliate product, niche, website or blog, marketing technique, affiliate marketing campaign, social networks or anything else.

The idea is to stay focused.


3. Not Promoting Your Affiliate Blog

There is a general misconception among bloggers and affiliate marketers that publishing new and fresh content on their blog will result in higher search engine rankings and bring traffic.

This is not how it works.

If you are doing this or if you belong to the same school of thought, your affiliate marketing career is at risk.

No matter how high quality blog posts you are publishing on your affiliate blog, if you are not promoting your blog, you will never get any traffic.

You have to tell people about your blog. You have to reach out to fellow bloggers. You have to find and reach your target audience. You have to market your blog.

Millions of new blog posts are published every single day. What special are you doing to stand out from the crowd?

If your answer is nothing. Rethink and devise a marketing campaign.

The competition is fierce. You have to do two things to stand out from the crowd.

First, publish original, awesome and valuable content.

Second, put your content in front of your target audience. Find them and tell them about your blog.

Most of the affiliates miss the second part which is equally important. It is just like you have opened a new shop in your town and you keep sitting in your shop waiting for customers to find you and buy from you.

While there will be people who will find your shop but in order to reach a bigger audience, you have to do some kind of marketing. Simply opening a shop will not work.

Same is the case with your affiliate blog (and even affiliate website). Simply creating a blog and publishing great content will not work.

Get serious about marketing.

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4. Not Making Connections

You have to make connections with other affiliate marketers, webmasters, bloggers, and people who share the same interest or are in the same business line.

These connections and networks are of immense importance for affiliate marketers but unfortunately, only a few affiliates practically make these connections. This is such a critical affiliate marketing mistake that cost affiliates a lot of money.

So what these connections do and how you can make them?

These connections help you in so many ways such as sending traffic, in marketing, joint ventures, and much more.

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For example, you follow another affiliate marketer on Twitter and you know each other very well. You might ask him to include a link to your blog in one of his posts. Based on your relationship, he might do it.

This is just a tiny example. You can have guest posting opportunities, you can learn marketing strategies, you can get ideas on what type of products to promote, and more.

Making these connections is easy. You have to find affiliate marketers, bloggers, and webmasters who are in the same industry. Follow them on their social accounts. Comment on their recent blog posts. Send them personalized emails and messages.

Do it consistently.

It is just like building relationships. Making friends on the internet.

Once you will have connections, you will not find it hard to make money with affiliate marketing.


5. Direct Linking

Here comes another critical affiliate marketing mistake that is usually made by beginner affiliate marketers.

Though direct linking to affiliate products is allowed and it works smoothly, but it is not an appreciable business model. You lose customers and this is not a good thing.

Do you prefer selling one product to your customers or you prefer selling multiple products to them?

Of course, you will love to sell multiple times to every single customer you have.

You don’t do this when you direct link because you are sending ‘your’ customers to someone else without even asking for their contact details. It is like losing customers for a fixed one-time commission.

The solution to this problem is not easy neither cheap, but if you are in for a real business, better start building your own email list.

What you should do is send all the traffic to a landing page where you collect the email address of the customers and then send them onwards to the merchant’s website.

If they buy, that’s great. You can promote them new products in the future.

If they don’t, you have their email addresses. You can pitch them again.

So you can sell more affiliate products to the people who buy, and you can pitch the same product to the people who do not buy. This eventually makes you wealthy.

Plus, you own the list for lifetime. These people know you and trust you.


If you manage to avoid these 5 critical affiliate marketing mistakes, you will be able to earn more without doing any extra work.

Don’t lose affiliate commission that can be easily earned.


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