5 Simple Ways on How to Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has a lot of potential. You can make money online with affiliate marketing via several methods. In this guide, you will learn 5 ways on how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

You can choose any method that you like. You don’t have to necessarily go for all these methods at a single time. A decent idea is to stick to one technique and master it.


Easy Ways on How to Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing


1. Direct linking

One of the easiest ways to make money online with affiliate marketing is to directly link to the affiliate offer. This is the best technique for beginners who have just started.

You have to share the affiliate link with your target audience. There is no need to create a website or a blog. You can share the affiliate link via blog comments, social media marketing, forum posting, guest blogging, or any other marketing method you find feasible.

Beginners are recommended to direct link to affiliate offers. The idea is to distribute your affiliate link all over the internet through multiple marketing methods. Anyone who will click on the link will land on the sales page of the affiliate product. All the sales will be credited to your account.


2. Create an affiliate blog

You can create an affiliate blog to promote a whole bunch of different affiliate products. Creating an affiliate blog is a more professional route to making money online with affiliate marketing. You can promote multiple products, you can build your list, you can do whatever you like on your blog, and this is what makes it such a lucrative business model.

Creating an affiliate blog needs investment that is, you have to purchase a domain name, web hosting, and a theme. Then, you need to publish content on your blog consistently. Either you have to write articles yourself or you will have to hire one or more professional bloggers.

Though it needs a bit of initial investment but it is a better business model that will pay you for an extended period of time. You will own the blog, and you can create your own brand out of it.

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You can create a niche blog, a review blog or a general affiliate blog. There are a lot of choices.

Besides, a blog lets you promote different related or unrelated affiliate products. You can monetize it via different methods such as you can run ads on your blog and at the same time, you can write product reviews.

In the long run, creating an affiliate blog to make money online is one of the best ideas.


3. Start an affiliate niche website

A niche affiliate website is different than an affiliate blog in the sense that you do not have to add new content on your niche website. You just have to add a few pages (5 or 10), add affiliate links, and market the website.

Ranking a niche affiliate website is extremely easy as you will be targeting keywords that will have low competition. This is the reason why you can generate targeted traffic from search engines even with little promotion.

Affiliate marketers normally create multiple small affiliate niche websites and each one of them keep bringing money for a good number of months. If you have selected an evergreen niche, chances are, you will earn money for years from your niche sites.

A normal niche affiliate site has the potential to generate a small income month after month. For example, you can generate $100 a month and if you have 7 niche websites, you will be making $700 a month from all the sites.

This is one reason why you should create multiple niche websites for affiliate marketing.

The good thing about these tiny sites is that they need no maintenance. You don’t have to spend any money on content writers and bloggers. You don’t have to add more content. Technically, these niche sites are set-and-forget kind of websites.


4. Run a PPC ad campaign

Do you want to send targeted traffic to an affiliate product instantly? Try Pay Per Click (PPC) ads.

A PPC ad is an ad campaign where you pay for the number of clicks your ad receives. You can set up and run a PPC ad campaign on an ad network like Bing, Facebook or Google AdWords. Your ad will be shown to people who are interested in or are searching for one of your target keywords.

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You must have seen ads on Google when you search something, these are the ads we are talking about. Your ad will be shown to those who insert a specific search term in the search bar. Same is the case with Bing.

You can send all the traffic from your ads to the affiliate product. Bing is the best network to go for if you are planning to send traffic directly to the affiliate page.

However, you can send traffic to a squeeze page. This is a better approach to PPC but if you are a beginner, it is not recommended for you.

The best thing about making money online with affiliate marketing via PPC is that you can send traffic to any affiliate product almost instantly. If you want to test an affiliate product or maybe its sales page, set up a quick search PPC campaign.


5. Affiliate marketing with solo ads

Solo ads are no less than a goldmine when it comes to targeted traffic. Though it is not a beginner-friendly technique to make money online with affiliate marketing but you shouldn’t hesitate to try it.

You have to find solo ad sellers to promote an affiliate product of your choice. An email with your links will be sent to the subscribers who will be interested in the product or the niche. You do not get access to the email list rather the list owner sends the email.

It is like contacting a group of extremely targeted people and putting your offer in front of them.

Solo ads need ample testing and tweaking. Additionally, you will have to invest money to buy the clicks.


This doesn’t end here with these 5 ways on how to make money online with affiliate marketing. It is, in fact, just the beginning. You have to select one of these methods and get to work right away.


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