7 Zero Cost Ways to Promote Your Blog

The biggest challenge faced by most of the beginner bloggers is none other than finding zero cost ways to promote their blogs.

In this article, you will get access to 7 absolutely no cost ways to promote your blog. You can start implementing these marketing strategies right away – starting today.



This is related to posting videos on YouTube.

Don’t panic. It can be easily done.

First, let me tell that YouTube is one of the best and the cheapest ways to promote your blog. You can drive lots and lots of free targeted traffic to your blog from YouTube videos and from your channel.

It is one of the leading streaming websites that is visited by millions every single day.

The idea is to publish quality informational videos and send targeted traffic to the blog.

There are two ways to publish videos:

  1. You can create professional videos that need a mic, a decent camera, editing and so on. Creating such professional videos is not cheap so this is something that is out of question as we are strictly talking about zero cost ways to promote your blog.
  2. You can use Windows Movie Maker to create simple but content-rich videos. You can add background music to make them better. You need to create slides and then convert these slides into a video by movie maker, and you are set to publish it on YouTube.

You can create this type of video in 30 minutes. Make sure the content you are using is helpful for the end-users. It should help them solve a problem.

Optimize videos, add keywords and description, add a link to your blog in the description, share on social media, and wait for the traffic.

You don’t have to spend a penny from your pocket to create a web of such videos. If you create and publish 3 to 4 videos a week based on your blog posts, you will be able to drive hundreds of targeted visitors to your blog in no time.



If I tell you that there are bloggers and marketers who are using Slideshare to send massive traffic to their blogs and niche websites, will you be surprised?

Slideshare is a leading platform for sharing knowledge in the form of slide shows. You can upload slides to share information, build authority and trust, and to drive traffic.

You don’t have to create new slides rather use the same slides that you have used to create YouTube videos.

Whenever you write a blog post, create a presentation out of it. Convert the same presentation into a video and post to YouTube. Upload the same presentation to Slideshare.

There is no need to further promote your slides on the Slideshare as most of the slides rank at the first page of the Google.

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Yes, I talk about Quora a lot as I love using it. This single website can send heaps of traffic to your blog at no cost. This is what makes it such a good medium for marketing a blog.

You don’t have to do anything special here. Just reply to 2 to 5 questions about your blog’s topic every day. Add links to your blog and blog posts in half of the replies.

If you post 2 comments a day for a month, you will be surprised to see the traffic that comes your way. The only rule is to help others by sharing genuine tips and useful information. No fluff.

No copied content.

No promotional content.

I have been using this technique for multiple niches and it works like a charm. There is no second opinion about it. Just try to be natural.


Blog Comments

In comes the old school technique to send massive traffic to any blog. If you use comments the right way, they will never disappoint you.

Your objective should be to do two things with every comment that you post:

  1. Brand awareness. Tell people about your blog and yourself.
  2. Networking. By commenting regularly on a few top blogs in your niche, you will make yourself familiar with other bloggers.

Nicely done blog commenting can do a lot of things for you, both in the short as well as in the long run.

Find 5 to 10 top blogs in your niche. Make sure that they accept comments and they must be authority blogs with a decent number of readers.

Subscribe to these blogs and comment on every new post that they publish. This simple technique works better than commenting on hundreds of blogs. Remember, you are not building backlinks rather you are building a network.

After a few weeks, your blog will start getting traffic from these authority blogs. At the same time, you will see that the blog owners will connect with you, will comment on your blog posts and might link to your blog in their posts.

This will not happen if you will spam their blogs with generic comments. Every single comment that you post must be of superior quality, informative, related to the post, and must add value.



Posting in niche forums regularly and helping forum members is one decent idea to get followers, readers, and traffic. You don’t have to be a scientist to do this – trust me.

The only rule (again) is to be natural and a helper. Do not ever promote your blog or post links to your recently published blog posts.

You should use the forum for brand awareness and to build authority and trust – nothing else.

The important question is how to do it?

It is simple.

Just reply to threads with an intention to help the OP. Share links where necessary. That’s all.

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And yes, refrain from posting generic replies. If you cannot add value or have nothing to say, don’t respond.

Join at least three best niche forums and stay active. Visit these forums every day and keep adding value.


Facebook Groups

Just like niche forums, you can use Facebook niche groups. This is a nice way to market your blog without even posting any links.

Find and join up to five niche Facebook groups. If you do not find any groups in your niche, create one.

Normally, Facebook groups are spammed a lot. Your job is to find groups which have strict rules and the group admins must be very particular about spamming.

The audience of non-spam Facebook groups is most likely to be interested in quality information. No one likes to stay in a group where everyone is posting links to their websites and sales pages.

Once you are in a few decent groups with strict quality control, start adding value. You have to follow the group norms and see what kind of posts get most likes. Follow the trend.

Be active. Add value consistently. You have to become an active member of every Facebook group you have joined.

Interested people will send you messages, will follow you, and will like your Facebook page. This will eventually lead to an increase in your blog’s traffic.


Guest Posts

The last zero cost way to promote a blog is to publish guest posts on relevant blogs. This will only work if you have decent writing skills. If you cannot write engaging content, you have to hire a writer and it will no more remain free.

Initially, look for relevant blogs having domain authorities higher than your blog. Pitch blog titles and an outline of the blog post you want to get published.

In most of the cases, your request will be approved.

Some blog owners allow links within the post while others allow links in the author bio. Do as instructed.

Publish one guest post a week. This has to be done consistently.

The purpose of the guest post should be to deliver value and solve a unique problem of the readers. If you manage to provide a solution to a problem, you don’t have to worry about traffic and conversions.


These 7 zero cost ways to market your blog always works irrespective of the niche. I have seen hundreds of beginners making $1000 a month from their blogs by following these free techniques.

What’s your excuse now?

At any given time, you just have to stick to at least three of these strategies. Choose any three strategies to start immediately.

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