Difference between a Niche Affiliate Website and an Affiliate Blog

So should you be creating a niche affiliate website or an affiliate blog? How to start your affiliate marketing career?

When you think of becoming an affiliate marketer and wish to start promoting an affiliate product, you have two options to choose from:

  1. Create your own niche affiliate site.
  2. Create an affiliate blog.

How to compare these two options and which one to go for is one of the biggest questions that keep bothering affiliates.

Let’s compare the pros and cons of both and see which one will work better for you – why and when?


Niche Affiliate Website

An affiliate niche site (or website) is a website with a few pages that promotes one or more affiliate products. Normally, you can promote closely related products on an affiliate website, for example, if you have a website in ‘toys’ niche, you have to promote affiliate products that are somehow related to toys. You can promote toys from different brands, but you cannot promote a laptop on your niche website.

Got the point?

The best thing about a niche affiliate website is that it doesn’t need to be updated every now and then. You just have to create a niche website once and then keep promoting it. No need to add new pages.

For example, you can create 5 pages on the website where each page will target a specific keyword and you promote one particular affiliate product on every page.

Once you have setup such a website, you just have to promote it, promote it, and promote it. Nothing else needs to be done.


Here is a list of costs associated with creating and managing a niche affiliate website:

  1. Domain name and hosting ($2.95 per month)
  2. A free or a premium theme or template (costs less than $50)
  3. Content writing for a 5-page website (costs less than $50)
  4. Cost of website marketing

If you can write the content yourself, you will save the cost of writing the content.

There is no maintenance cost, and this is one of the best things (as already mentioned).

Overall, you have to spend up to $100 at the time of creating a niche affiliate site and then you have to pay less than $5 per month for hosting.

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The marketing cost is variable. You have the option to promote your website using free marketing techniques or you can choose paid marketing methods. You can choose to spend as much as you can. There are no limitations.

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  • Relatively cheap with no maintenance cost.
  • You will keep getting traffic on your website for an unlimited duration as long as you keep promoting it.
  • It is a set and forget kind of way to make money from affiliate marketing.
  • Niche affiliate sites rank well in search engines provided you target the right longtail keywords.


  • No fresh content is being added on the website, and this is not what Google loves. The search engines want to see fresh content on the websites.
  • The earning potential is limited in the sense that you cannot make a lot of money from a single niche website. You have to create multiple niche affiliate sites to generate a decent monthly income.
  • Niche affiliate websites do not look professional and have the least value when it comes to building a brand.


Affiliate Blog

An affiliate blog or an affiliate review blog is where you have to publish blog posts regularly so as to add fresh content to enjoy better search engine rankings and to build followers and subscribers.

Affiliate blogs are best for building a brand, authority, and trust. Look at CNET and Trusted Reviews. These are affiliate review blogs that have a lot of trust and authority.


The cost of starting and running an affiliate blog are higher than those of a niche affiliate website.

  1. A domain name and hosting plan ($4.95 per month)
  2. A premium theme or template (costs less than $50)
  3. Blog post writing ($50 to $500+ per month)
  4. Cost of blog marketing (variable)
  5. Blog maintenance cost (variable)

Not only that you have to create a blog but you have to keep adding content. You can either do it yourself (if you are a good writer) or you can hire a couple writers. The actual cost of writing will depend on the number of blog posts that you wish to publish every week. You can start off by publishing 4 blog posts a week and can later switch to 2 posts a week.

The cost of marketing and promoting your affiliate blog depend on how you intend to promote it. You can choose free marketing strategies or you can go for paid strategies.

If you are using a premium theme, the cost of maintenance will reduce significantly as there isn’t much that you have to do. In any case, the monthly blog maintenance cost will be less than $50 unless you have messed up something really bad.

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So an affiliate blog costs a lot as compared to a niche affiliate site but the benefits are numerous.


  • Affiliate blogs look professional and they are best for building a brand and authority.
  • You can scale up and promote as many products on a single affiliate blog as you want. The growth potential is unlimited.
  • Search engines love blogs as crawlers find fresh content every time they visit the blog. You enjoy better rankings.
  • The readers love blogs too as they find useful fresh content every time they visit.
  • You can build a list of subscribers and readers. This eventually helps you in building trust and making money by promoting affiliate products.
  • Revenue potential is high as compared to niche affiliate sites.


  • Affiliate blogs need a lot of resources. If you are short of cash and have nothing in the pocket to invest, you cannot start a blog, unfortunately.
  • You cannot earn money from a blog quickly (and in the short-run). It is a long-term business model where a blog will start earning money in at least three months.
  • It needs patience and consistency. You have to consistently publish fresh content on your blog even if you don’t get any visitors or sales.
  • Running and managing an affiliate blog is not easy. If you are not serious and committed, you cannot do it.


Niche Affiliate Website VS Affiliate Blog

It is time to decide as to whether you should start a niche affiliate site or an affiliate blog. How to decide what’s right for you?

Ask yourself the following questions.

  • How much you want to spend on affiliate marketing?
  • Are you serious, consistent, and committed to affiliate marketing?
  • Do you prefer short-term profits or long term success?
  • Do you have the time to regularly update the blog?
  • Do you wish to create multiple earning streams?
  • Are you looking for an affiliate business model that needs minimal supervision and maintenance?

Find answers to these questions to make things clear.

You know the basic difference between an affiliate niche website and a blog, and their pros and cons, it shouldn’t be an issue to make the right choice now.


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