How to Get Your First ClickBank Check

Are you struggling to get your first ClickBank check?

I have to say that it is one of the most painful moments in life when you have to wait for something. Your first check from ClickBank can take ages if you have no plan to go with.

If you have a plan, a strategy, and solid guidelines, you can get your first ClickBank check in as low as 45 days. Else, you might have to wait for a year or maybe two or more.

In the guide below, I’ll reveal a simple yet effective strategy that will help you get your very first check from ClickBank.


Towards your first ClickBank check


Set Objectives and Goals

It all begins with setting objectives and interconnected goals. You have to chart a realistic plan as to how you intend to make money from ClickBank.

Let’s make it simple.

What is your objective? How much money you want to earn from ClickBank?

Will you be using it full-time or as part-time only on weekends?

How much time you intend to invest in affiliate marketing?

Based on these (and other similar questions), set objectives.

Your objective should be realistic, achievable and clear. You can set an objective to earn $100 monthly from ClickBank. Sounds achievable and quite realistic for a beginner.

Or you can have an objective to make 20 sales of a particular affiliate product from ClickBank.

Once you have set the objective(s), you need to prepare goals that will help you achieve the objective.

For instance, if your objective is to earn $100 a month for first 6 months from ClickBank, you can set weekly and monthly goals that will help you achieve your objective.

Such as, you will spend 20 hours a week in promoting the affiliate product and for the next week, you will spend 25 hours in a PPC campaign.

And so on.

You can set general goals stating what you will do on daily, weekly and monthly basis to achieve your objective(s). The idea is to make everything systematic and trackable.

Write down your objectives and goals on a word document. Take its print and paste it on your desk and in your room so that you don’t forget them.


Choose an Affiliate Product from ClickBank

It is time to choose an affiliate product from ClickBank marketplace. Though it might sound confusing and impossible as there are hundreds of affiliate products available to choose from, but let’s make it simple.

Choose a product that interests you. If you have a hobby, any specific interests, or likes, you should choose a product that relates to these.

Let’s assume, you love playing hockey. You have a lot of knowledge about it and you can spend hours on the internet reading and writing about hockey. You should choose a product that’s related to hockey.

If you do yoga and you are an expert, choose a product that’s related to yoga.

You got the point.

The thing is when you choose a product that is related to your primary interest, you will never ever get bored working with such a product. Plus, it will be something that you have a lot of knowledge in. Things will become a piece of cake.

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When choosing a product based on your interest, you have to keep two things in mind:

  1. Product gravity
  2. Commission per sale

The gravity should be low. Try choosing a product having gravity between 1 and 25. Low gravity means that the product is not promoted by a lot of affiliates and this will eventually help you make sales due to low competition.

The commission per sale must be greater than $10. A good idea is to find a product with a recurring commission. You will keep getting the commission on a monthly basis without doing any further work.


Create a WordPress Blog

Now it is time to create a WordPress blog so that you can start promoting the affiliate product.

Click here to get your free domain and hosting plan.

Choose a nice domain that is related to your affiliate product and the niche. Use Name Mesh to get domain name ideas based on a word or a phrase.

After you have selected your free domain name, select a hosting plan. You have to install WordPress on the root domain which is Once you have installed the WordPress you can login to your website and get started right away.

Choose a free theme, install it and your blog is ready to hit the market.


Keyword Research

Visit Google Keyword Planner to find relevant keywords for your blog that will be used in promotion and marketing.

Enter the primary keyword in the ‘search for new keywords using a phrase’ and set targeting to ‘all locations’. If you have selected a yoga course from ClickBank marketplace, you need to enter yoga here. You will see hundreds of keywords by relevance. Click on the competition to sort the keywords on the basis of their competitiveness.

Select all the low competition keywords with average monthly searches less than 1500. These will be your target keywords. You can download the entire list and then sort the keywords in Excel easily. Remove all the other keywords from the list.

Also, remove keywords that do not make any sense and are not related to yoga despite their low competition.

You now have the list of some low competitive keywords that are not being targeted by a lot of other websites and blogs.


Write and Publish Blog Posts

Based on these keywords, you should start writing and publishing blog posts on your newly created blog. You have to target these low competition keywords. You can use multiple keywords in the blog post but be sure to keep things natural.

Write 3 to 5 blog posts a week. Make sure that each blog post has at least 400 words. Do not keep them too short.

For instance, you have this keyword “yoga today free”. It is a low competition keyword with average 10 monthly searches. You can write a blog post targeting this keyword.

In between your posts, you can write about or recommend or even promote the affiliate product. Do it naturally.

The idea is to provide useful content to the readers. You have to help them and in return, they will click on your affiliate links to purchase the product.

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You also have to monetize your blog by placing banners in the header and on the sidebar. This can be easily done with the help of any free WordPress plugin.


Affiliate Blog Marketing

Writing and publishing blog posts will not going to drive traffic. You have to do some marketing of your blog and blog posts. There are several ways to promote an affiliate blog such as:

  1. Video marketing using YouTube
  2. Social media marketing
  3. Linkbuilding
  4. Guest blogging
  5. Forum posting
  6. Blog commenting
  7. Answering questions on Quora
  8. Answering questions on Yahoo Answers
  9. Uploading slides on Slideshare
  10. Using Facebook groups for traffic
  11. Using Reddit and Tumblr
  12. Run a PPC campaign
  13. Buy a few solo ads
  14. Banner advertising on other websites and blogs


Suggested readings that will help you promote and market your affiliate blog.

  1. 7 zero-cost ways to promote your affiliate blog
  2. How to Use Solo Ads for Affiliate Marketing
  3. How to make money with affiliate marketing without a website

Read these three posts and you will not find it hard to promote your blog at all.

You don’t have to follow all these marketing strategies rather you have to choose no more than two strategies at any given time. Choose only two marketing strategies and stick to them for a month.

After a month, add another marketing strategy. In the third month, add another. And meantime, keep removing strategies that do not work. Gradually adding new marketing strategies in your marketing plan will help you achieve better systematic results.

It also helps in monitoring and tracking the performance of individual strategies.


First ClickBank Check

If you stick to this plan and will write and publish 3 to 5 posts a week, and you will promote your blog religiously using two marketing methods for the very first month, you will be able to get your first ClickBank sale in the first month – guaranteed.

And your first ClickBank check will be sent to you in two months provided you keep promoting your blog and you keep writing and posting high quality blog posts.

In reality, getting your first check from ClickBank is all about being consistent and patient. In early days, you will not see any traffic, clicks, conversions, and sales. And this is the most crucial time as most of the affiliates quit during this phase.

You have to wait and must stick to the plan even if you don’t see a single visitor. You must prepare yourself and must tell yourself that you will not get a single sale in first three weeks, but you have to keep working in these three weeks.

If you manage to do this for the first month even if you don’t see a single sale, you will be able to get your very first ClickBank check by the end of the second month.

Do not quit – period.


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