How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

You know how to make money with affiliate marketing with your website or a blog. This is something you can do easily but how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website – now that’s something to learn.

Let me tell you that earning money from affiliate marketing without a website is possible. Just in case if there is some kind of confusion, be sure that you can do it.

In reality, most of the affiliate marketers do not have the resources to spend money on creating a website. They don’t think of creating a website until they are sure that affiliate marketing will work for them.

Other beginner affiliate marketers do not even have the funds to create a website – even if they want to. These are the people who have no job. They are looking for work and have nothing to invest. It makes sense to start affiliate marketing without a website or a blog.

The all-important questions is how?

In this article, you will learn 7 ways to make money with affiliate marketing without a website. These include both free and paid strategies so you can even start promoting affiliate products at absolutely zero cost without a website and without investing a single penny.


7 Ways on How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Without a Website


1. Free Affiliate eBook

This happens to be the best strategy to make money with affiliate marketing without your own website.

You have to create a high quality eBook (or outsource it), add affiliate links, share it free with people, and enjoy sales and commission.

Looks interesting, right?

Let’s get into details.


Create a high quality eBook on a topic that is related to the affiliate product. You can choose one or more affiliate products to promote.

For instance, you can write a how-to eBook on losing weight without exercise in 30 days. You can explain a step-by-step weight loss procedure and can add multiple weight loss products, supplements or guides.

The purpose of the eBook is to help the readers. It has to be informative and high quality, and must stick to the promise. It shouldn’t promote or try to sell the products directly, rather just recommend products in the most natural way.

Use Bitly to shorten and cloak the affiliate links. This doesn’t just make them professional but you can track and monitor traffic.

Write a simple eBook in MS Word and save it as PDF. You can write 5 pages or 50 pages, it doesn’t matter as long as it delivers the message.

Make sure that the eBook has a nice title page (create in Word), table of content, it is formatted, has headers and footers, and is error-free. Make it presentable.

You can write the eBook yourself or you can hire someone to write it for you. It depends on how good you are at writing.

Upload and Share

You have to upload the eBook on the internet so that people can download it free of cost. Yes, you will be sharing it free of cost with an intention to make money by making sales when readers will click your affiliate links and make a purchase.

The easiest way is to upload your eBook to Google Drive. If you have a Gmail account, you already have access to Google Drive so that’s not a big deal.

Before you upload the eBook make sure that all the affiliate links work.

Grab the shareable link of the eBook and shorten it with Bitly.

Now is the time to share this link with your target audience via social media, forums, blog commenting or any other method. The first step is to share the link with your friends and on your social networks.

You should upload your eBook on eBay and sell it for a small amount maybe $1. It is a good idea to put your book in front of millions of people.


2. Pay Per Click (PPC)

Running an affiliate PPC campaign doesn’t require a website or a squeeze page. You can directly link to the affiliate offer. Though not every PPC network will allow direct linking but there are quite a few that do, for instance, AdWords, Facebook and Twitter do not allow affiliate links but Bing and Search7 do.

Bing is the best PPC network that you should go for if you are interested in linking directly to the affiliate offer. You can use your affiliate link as it is or you can use Bitly. Both types of links work.

You have to create multiple ads, choose relevant keywords, test multiple affiliate products in several niches, and must constantly monitor your campaigns to see how it works. Running a PPC campaign doesn’t just need money, it needs time and commitment.

Don’t panic if your first few ads don’t approve. Changing the product will do the trick as landing pages with video and/or popups are not approved.

Your objective should be to find the winning product and the winning ads. You need time to find the best combo and in the process, you might have to spend a lot of money. But once you will be able to find a winning combination, you will be able to recoup your entire investment.

Here are a few pro tips for running a PPC affiliate campaign successfully.

  • Do not stick to a single product. Promote multiple products from different niches. Remove the ones that do not convert.
  • Start low and keep the daily spending to $5 or maybe $10.
  • Keep the bid low. In fact, keeping the bid $0.05 is the best strategy as you will be able to test a lot of products and ad copies.
  • If you don’t get any sale after 100 clicks, change the product. This is a clear enough indication that this product won’t work.
  • Choose affiliate products with the high payout. Anything under $10 is not a decent choice.
  • Always set your target audience to the US and select ‘people in your target location’.
  • Run reports and see which keywords are driving clicks and how much it costs you. Pause the keywords that do not convert, adjust bids, pause ads that do not generate sales etc.
  • Always add negative keywords. You find negative keywords by running ‘Search Term’ It will reveal the search terms that triggered your ads. Add all the inappropriate keywords to negative keywords list so that they do not trigger your ads in the future.
  • Keep testing and monitoring your PPC campaign as this will help you in making things better.
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3. Social Media

There is nothing easier that social media to make money with affiliate marketing without a website. You don’t have to be a social media marketing expert to use social networks to generate sales.

Facebook and Twitter are the two networks that you should start off with.


Create a Facebook page about affiliate products and the niche you want to pursue.

For example, if you are interested in promoting investment related products, you should create a page about investment tips, investment ideas, investment opportunities or anything similar. The Facebook page has to be non-promotional and it must be a general page.

Once you have the page ready, find recent investment news, articles, videos and any content that you find interesting and helpful. Post it on your page. You can share anybody’s content, it doesn’t matter.

Share the page with your friends and ask them to like it.

Like other similar pages, comment on other pages, join a few related groups and use your page actively.

Keep posting 3 to 5 times a day on your page. Once your will start getting likes, comments, and shares, you can then share affiliate links. Always use Bitly to cloak the links and write a few lines about the product and its benefits with the post.

Post affiliate links 3 or maybe 4 times a week to keep things natural.


You can create a Twitter account for the same product in the same way. If your Facebook page is Latest Investment Tips, you can create a Twitter account with the same name.

Follow other people in your niche, retweet their tweets, tag them in your tweets, and so on. Be an active user.

You must tweet 5 to 8 times every day. You can share quotes, you can share articles, news stories, or you can just write a few lines about the investment that you read somewhere on the internet.

Always use relevant hashtags in your tweets. These hashtags help people find you and your tweets.

Share cloaked affiliate links 5 times a week backed by a useful and informative tweet or maybe an image or a video.


4. Forums

Forums are one of the best sources of earning money from affiliate marketing whether you have or don’t have a website or a blog.

Follow these steps to start generating sales from forums.

  1. Search and join as many forums in your niche and industry. The more forums you join, the better it is.
  2. Spend a few days on the forums actively. Reply to threads, be helpful and nice.
  3. Once you are allowed by the forum to initiate a thread with links, you can then start a thread with your cloaked affiliate link. You need to make sure that the post/thread do not look promotional.
  4. Share helpful and informative content so that forum members do not hesitate to click on the link.
  5. If you have created a fee affiliate eBook, the best idea is to give away it for free. This works best.

Imagine you created 10 threads on 10 forums and you get 5 sales a week from all the forums. It makes 20 sales a month which is not bad at all.

But to see such results, you have to post multiple informative and high quality threads. If you will give away a fee eBook, things will get a lot easy.


5. Solo Ads

You can use solo ads to send targeted traffic to any affiliate offer without having your own website.

Your link or the ad is sent by an email list owner to his/her list. You are charged on the number of clicks. So if you received 100 clicks, you have to pay $40 or maybe $50. This is such a popular way to get super targeted traffic to any URL.

Let’s assume, you are promoting a web hosting company. You contact a solo ad vendor who has a massive list of bloggers and webmasters. Your email with the link will be sent to the list who tend to be people interested in web hosting.

Finding the right solo ad vendor is the big deal.

  1. Use Google to find solo ad sellers. Enter your main keyword + solo ad vendor in the search bar. Use different variations of this search term to find solo ad vendors in your niche.
  2. You can search Facebook for solo ad sellers groups. There are a lot of groups on Facebook.
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Once you have identified a solo ad seller, read reviews and see how honest and authentic he/she is. These are individuals so there are fair enough chances that you will not find any reviews. I’d recommend moving to the next seller who has a few good reviews. You don’t want to be scammed, right?

Send a message and ask if he is willing to add affiliate links. The majority of the solo ad sellers do not allow affiliate links instead they ask you to offer freebies such as a free guide or a report. They ask you to send traffic to a squeeze page but since we are strictly discussing strategies to promote affiliate products without a website, so will not talk about creating a squeeze page.

You can send traffic to your free affiliate eBook (already discussed above). If a vendor does not allow affiliate links, your only chance is to send all the traffic to your free eBook so that visitors can read and download the eBook.

It is strongly recommended to test your book by distributing it for free on forums and social networks. If it really converts and generates sales, then and only then use it for solo ads.


6. YouTube

The easiest way to make money with affiliate marketing without a website is to head to YouTube. Yes, YouTube, you read it right.

Though it is easiest but according to YouTube’s terms, you are not allowed to send traffic off YouTube. If you intend to use this method, make sure you clearly mention in the video and in the description that there are affiliate links included.

Read YouTube terms here.

You can create instructional, informational, how-to, or pretty much any types of videos for your target audience. You have to put the link in the description and that’s how you will be sending traffic to the affiliate offer without a website.

The easiest way to create videos is to use Windows Movie Maker to convert slides into a video. However, if you have a camera, you can create better videos featuring yourself.

Again, the best idea is to send traffic to your free eBook that you have uploaded to the Google Drive (already discussed above). If you will add affiliate links, there are fair enough chances that your video will be taken down so do not even try.

Optimize your videos by adding tags and by writing a detailed description. This will help you get organic traffic from YouTube.


7. Miscellaneous Strategies

There are several other sources that can help you make money with affiliate marketing without a website. You can either directly link to the affiliate offer (by cloaking the link with Bitly) or you can link to your free eBook.

No matter which link you are promoting, make sure it is backed by high quality content and description. It is not the link people are interested in rather they are interested in reading what you have written and how it helps them in solving their problem.

Some of the strategies are discussed below.

Quora and Yahoo Answers

Start helping people by answering their questions on Quora and Yahoo Answers.

Yahoo Answers is strict about links and the types of links you share so be sure to link to your eBook if you have one.

Quora is not as strict so you can directly link to the affiliate offer.


Reddit is one great platform that can be used to promote any type of affiliate link as long as you are adding value. You have to be a reputable member before you can start adding links.

Spend a few days on the platform. Build connections. Comment, upvote and connect with other members. Once your karma reaches 200, you should then start promoting affiliate products.

Better do it smartly and carefully.

Classified Websites

You can post ads or even review of affiliate products on classified websites such as craigslist, epage and others. In order to get clicks and sales, you have to post hundreds of ads and reviews with your affiliate links.

A few ads will not going to make much difference.

Blog Commenting

If nothing else works, don’t forget that intensive blog commenting can do the trick. Of course, high authority websites do not allow affiliate links but new and niche blogs usually don’t mind approving affiliate links.

Again, you have to post hundreds of high quality blog comments and links to drive a good number of visitors.

If you have the eBook, you can send all the traffic to the eBook and it will work awesome because people love getting free stuff.


This is how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website.

I will not recommend using all of these methods together rather choose one or maybe two methods and master them. After you start getting sales, it is strongly recommended to create your own affiliate website as it is always a better idea to send all the traffic to your website and build an email list.

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