The Most Lethal Mistake Affiliate Marketers Make

Ever wondered what is the most lethal mistake affiliate marketers make?

Experts have different opinions about it.

Some are of the view that the most lethal and the biggest mistake is not choosing the right affiliate product. Others argue that it is related to not having your own website and some say that it is related to not presenting the true picture of the affiliate product.

There is, however, a lesser popular school of thought that believes that the most lethal mistake affiliate marketers make is related to their mindset.

Becoming an affiliate marketer with a wrong mindset is the most lethal mistake affiliate marketers make.

The Mindset Issue

Every affiliate has a specific mindset when he joins affiliate marketing industry.

Some of them believe that affiliate marketing is a full-time business while there are others who assume it to be nothing more than a temporary way to earn money online.

However, the majority of the affiliates have this misconception about affiliate marketing that it will make them rich overnight.

When you create a new affiliate website with an intention to get rich in a couple weeks, you have a mindset issue.

Affiliate marketing is assumed to be, unfortunately, a get rich method.

However, in reality, it is a complete business model that is used worldwide by some of the large multinational organizations like McDonalds.

So when you start affiliate marketing with an intention to earn a lot of money in a few weeks, you will fail – eventually. Because this won’t happen anytime sooner.

Most of the affiliates have this perception about affiliate marketing that all they have to do is create a WordPress affiliate blog, publish a few posts, add a few banners, and they will start making money right away.

This is not the case.

And when this doesn’t happen and they do not earn much from their efforts, they start losing interest.

They get demotivated.

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And quit.

This is the reason why as high as 90% of the affiliates quit in the first 6 months of their career.

The Reason of the Mindset Issue

When I started affiliate marketing and created my first affiliate blog, I was really happy and was desperate to see commissions on my ClickBank dashboard. I published high quality blog posts, shared them on social networks, and waited.

The first week passed without any sales.

The second week passed too.

Third week.

And so on.

I didn’t have a single sale for the first two months.

I was disappointed but I didn’t quit rather I tried to figure out what’s wrong.

I noticed this attitude problem and the mindset issue that was causing serious issues to the new as well as professional affiliates.

The fault isn’t yours.

Unfortunately, it is a market or I should say an industry trend. Affiliate marketers, product authors, and internet marketing gurus, who create affiliate training courses, tell you that affiliate marketing is the shortest and the nicest way to become rich.

They tell you their success stories. They show screenshots of their affiliate earnings. They show you the pictures of their paychecks.

You get impressed and you start believing that you can do it too.

When you become an affiliate, and things don’t work – you quit.

That’s how this mindset issue is developed.

Internet marketing is a hyped industry. Every product that you see is hyped, make a lot of claims and show you real proofs of earnings and blah blah.

This hype creates mindset issues and all the new entrants have this common perception that they will see the similar statistics in a short period of time.

I am not blaming product authors and digital marketers rather I am just showing you the right picture. There are still a lot of affiliate marketers and gurus who will always show you a realistic picture but since the majority of them don’t, it creates a skew and the overall digital marketing industry is truly assumed to be a hyped one.

So technically, you are not responsible for having this mindset as this is what you were shown. Your mind is configured to believe what it sees.

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But logically, you are responsible for having this mindset because you have the power to change it.

The Solution

The solution to this issue is not simple neither easy as you have to change your mindset and attitude.

The only solution is to change your mindset. Change your attitude towards affiliate marketing.

Be realistic.

Don’t expect that you will make a lot of money from affiliate marketing. It is, in no way, a get rich method that will make you rich in a few months.

You need to get serious about affiliate marketing.

Understand that it is a business.

You have to change your perception about affiliate marketing.

If someone tells you that one has earned $15,000 a month from affiliate marketing, it doesn’t mean that you will earn the same amount in a month.

There are people who share their earning proofs with others and these are real earning proofs but the thing is, they have invested a lot of time and resources into affiliate marketing. They have been into this business for years.

You cannot compete with someone who has been doing affiliate marketing for 5 years. Makes sense, right?

When you realize it and understand that affiliate marketing is a business just like any other business, you will enter the industry with a different mindset that will be more realistic.

Once you know how things work, and when you enter the market with the right mindset, things get easy. The probability of success increases significantly as you will not quit even if you do not earn a penny from your affiliate campaign.

This is the only solution to the most lethal mistake affiliate marketers make.

Do not repeat the same mistake when you become an affiliate marketer. Period.

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