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Who are we and why do we do what we do?

An inbound marketing agency that’s fueled by data

Our philosophy is driven by data and content. That’s what we do at Digital Marketer PK. We don’t hesitate to tweak our best technique if it doesn’t work for you.

We choose to work with SaaS companies exclusively. This is because we believe in a focused, niche-based approach. That’s something we value a lot. Instead of working across sectors and industries, we like to stay focused and this has helped us serve software companies way better than our competitors.

Data-driven philosophy

Data and numbers are at the core of what we do at Digital Marketer PK. We trust nothing but numbers. All the decisions we make before, during, and after inbound marketing campaigns are based on data. Whether it’s a decision to write a content piece on a specific topic or creating a content strategy for a SaaS brand, we always do it via data.

We build relationships

We consider our clients as our partners. We build relationships with our clients that go a long way. Our team dives deep into your business and understands your business philosophy and values in the true sense. This helps us provide better digital marketing services to our clients. These business relationships have helped us serve our clients better across all levels.

Systematic, focused approach

Our inbound marketing services are systematic in the sense that we have developed SOPs, steps, and documents that help our team serve you better. Everything we do is formalized and it keeps on evolving based on data. Our focused approach to serving SaaS companies has helped us develop in-house marketing techniques that you will rarely find with other inbound marketing agencies.

Simplicity and transparency

We believe that marketing has to be simple. Inbound marketing often gets technical and it’s the job of the service provider to transform complexities into scannable, simple reports for the clients. We do exactly that. We don’t hide complexities, rather we share them in a presentable way. Transparency and simplicity go hand in hand at Digital Marketer PK.

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