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What is search engine optimization?

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of improving website visibility and ranking in search engines (like Google and Bing). It involves optimizing your website and content to improve search appearance, visibility, ranking, and usefulness.

Technically, SEO is aimed at improving crawlability, indexing, and ranking of a website and content. These practices fall under two categories: On-page and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO refers to practices that are taken on the website to improve crawlability, indexing, and ranking. For example, use of proper HTML tags like heading tags.

Off-page SEO includes practices that are done outside the website to improve rankings. You have minimal control over off-page SEO and you can’t control all of them. For example, backlinks are part of off-page SEO and you can’t control or restrict others from linking to your content.

Why your SaaS company needs SEO

Optimizing your website for better search engine visibility helps you attract more visitors from search engines. SEO improves your site’s ranking and higher rankings are linked with a high click-through rate (CTR).

A site that ranks first place on Google search results page has 27.6% CTR and the site ranking second is 15.8%. This is an 11.8% decline in CTR when you drop from the first spot to the second. The site ranking number 10 has a 2.4% CTR.

This means higher rankings lead to high CTR which leads to more organic traffic. You need SEO to improve your site ranking.

But it gets more important for SaaS businesses to drive organic traffic.

As a SaaS company, you don’t have a lot of products to sell. Most SaaS companies have a single software that they sell which means it is tough for them to generate traffic without increasing customer acquisition cost (CAC).

You can run a paid ads campaign, but it will increase CAC leading to low customer lifetime value which leads to a low profit margin.

Organic traffic, on the other hand, is quite cheap and sustainable. It relies on publishing informative, helpful content for your target audience that improves your site’s ranking in SERPs.

When you have only a single product to sell as a SaaS business, you have to rely on content and inbound marketing to generate traffic, leads, and sales – and this makes SEO an essential part of your digital marketing strategy.

Here are the main reasons why your SaaS business needs SEO services:

What makes use the best SEO agency

Why choose us

Digital Marketer PK has helped more than 500 global clients with SEO. As an SEO agency that specializes in helping SaaS businesses reach their target audience through search engines, we rely heavily on organic traffic and organic leads and we have developed in-house strategies and techniques that proved to work for our clients.

Unlike other SEO agencies, we don’t focus on merely building backlinks rather we use content to acquire natural backlinks. This means your content will continue to attract natural backlinks even after we have finished your SEO project.

That’s sustainable growth in the true sense.

The exact SEO strategy and techniques we use depend on several factors including niche, current site status, SEO health, competition analysis, objectives, and more.

We believe that no two sites are created equal and what works for one business might not work at all for another business in the same niche (or it might backfire). This is a reason we use data and experimentation a lot for the development and execution of SEO strategy.

We tweak our SEO techniques based on your business needs.

And that’s something our clients (and we) love doing at Digital Marketer PK. We believe you and your SaaS company are unique, and we treat you as such.

Resources and tools
Proven techniques

Customized SEO strategy

What we offer

As a leading SEO agency for SaaS businesses, we offer a wide range of services to our clients:

You can pick and choose any SEO service for your SaaS business and we’ll send you a proposal with a quotation for it. 

Our process

SEO process

Our search engine optimization process for SaaS companies at Digital Marketer PK is content-driven which has generated amazing results for our clients.

We follow a 5-step content-driven SEO approach to achieve your SaaS company’s SEO goals:

1. SEO Audit

An in-depth analysis of your site’s current SEO health. It lets us know where you stand and how to reach your goals.

2. Content creation

We create helpful content for your blog that helps you rank for target keywords and drive organic traffic.

3. On-page SEO

A holistic approach to site optimization that covers technicalities such as structural changes and speed optimization.

4. Off-page SEO

A lot has to be done off your site to improve your site’s credibility and authority. Off-page factors carry more weight than on-page factors.

5. Monitoring

SEO isn’t a one-off process. We use analytics for decision-making and follow a proactive approach to addressing strategic and tactical level SEO issues.


Yes absolutely. This is what our SEO service is all about. We’ll help you improve your site’s search visibility which will lead to higher rankings and more organic traffic.

If you are not sure what’s the right SEO service for your business, you can reach out to us with your objective and we’ll send you a proposal by evaluating your site’s SEO health.

At Digital Marketer PK, we have a starting price of $1,500 per month for SEO service with no setup fee. The actual cost, however, varies from project to project and depends on multiple factors including current SEO standing, objectives, SEO strategy, etc.

It usually takes a minimum of 3-6 months to see a noticeable outcome of SEO efforts. Optimization needs time to show results. The changes we do today will move the needle after a few good months. Patience and consistency are the name of the game.

We offer a guaranteed white hat SEO service that’ll never backfire. We can (and do) offer a guarantee for SEO work that we do but we can’t offer any guarantee for ranking improvement and/or organic traffic estimates. It is not in an agency’s control. So, if we tell you that we will create 2 articles and build 4 links from relevant sites per month, we will definitely offer you these services with our guarantee. Ranking and organic traffic guarantees are, unfortunately, not part of the contract. Because no one, not even Google, can guarantee ranking improvement after doing something specific. This is beyond anyone’s control.

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