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What is marketing consultation?

Marketing consultation at Digital Marketer PK works like any other consultation service. We help and advise you on marketing challenges that your SaaS company is facing. Whether you need help with implementing a marketing strategy or want to find out the best marketing techniques to reach your ideal customers, we have got you covered.

Consultation gives you an instant expert (and second) opinion. You can look at the same problem from a different viewpoint, which is quite helpful for SaaS businesses – especially early-stage startups.

Why your SaaS business needs marketing consultation

Not all SaaS companies are created equal and most of them have in-house marketing teams. And when your marketing team struggles with a digital marketing challenge, it seems to be a good idea to get help from an experienced marketing consultant.

Your team is new and might not be able to tackle all sorts of inbound marketing challenges. Getting consultation services from an experienced marketing agency like Digital Marketing PK gives you instant access to more than a decade of experience, skills, and knowledge.

You don’t have to have an in-house marketing department to seek advice from a marketing consultant. Sometimes, a second opinion from an outside person (or agency) gives you a new perspective and a new direction.

Getting help from an experienced marketing consultant helps your SaaS company in numerous ways:

Our consultation Strengths at a glance

Why choose us

Digital Marketer PK has intensive experience and the right skills to offer exceptional inbound marketing consultation services. We have worked with some of the top SaaS brands around the world in the past 13 years and have helped them solve key marketing challenges ranging from marketing strategies to traffic generation to conversion optimization to blogging and more.

Resources and tools
Proven technique

Customized inbound marketing consultation services

What we offer

At Digital Marketer PK, we offer inbound marketing consultation services to SaaS companies of all sizes. The consultation services cover everything related to inbound marketing.

Whether you are looking for suggestions on the development and/or execution of a marketing strategy or a marketing technique or you need assistance in growing your SaaS business, we cover everything.

Our process

Marketing consultation process

The inbound marketing consultation process at Digital Marketer PK is straightforward and systematic. Here’s how it goes:

1. Proposal and notes

We prepare a proposal based on your inquiry with all the key points that are relevant to your business.

2. Meeting

We set up a fixed duration call based on a mutually agreed upon timing.

3. Meeting key points

After the consultation call, we’ll create a summary of the discussion and meeting agenda.


We offer marketing consultation of all types across inbound marketing space to SaaS businesses. Our marketing consultant service covers broad marketing issues such as a low conversion rate of organic traffic or a high number of posts with zero traffic. You can contact us to discuss your issue and we’ll get back to you with details.

Consultation is more like discussion and you can ask questions during the call. We provide more than one resolution to the challenge you are facing. You receive a proposal at the end of the consultation and we offer support post-consultation to address your concerns. We can tweak and revise the proposal and add points you want to add after the consultation call. You’ll have your experience like hundreds of other SaaS companies that opted for consultation services.

The price is variable and depends on several factors including your project and how much planning our team has to do. The starting price is $1,000 per session which covers everything. For more advanced projects and ongoing consultation, the price gets higher.

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