[Infographic] 5 Tips for Better Email Audience Segmentation

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One thing every marketer will tell you? Not all email addresses are the same—and not all people behind those email addresses are the same.

The personal aspects that people share with you—not just demographic information such as age and gender but other quirks such as likes and dislikes—are all ways that you can help to segment your customers.

And segmentation matters.

It’s a way for you to further refine your communication with the subscribers and help target them in a more detailed way.

The results are positive for both you and yours customers: They get information they need and want, and you begin to better understand them.

However, just because we know this doesn’t mean we do this.

Only about 15% of companies actually email based on activities and preferences. How can you refine your email segmentation process?

This infographic by SalesForce explains it.

infographic on tips for better email audience segmentation


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