3 Benefits of Segmenting Email Lists

Have you segmented email lists? If not, you should. The three benefits of segmenting email lists discussed below will make you create segments of your email lists based on subscriber interests, behaviors, and activities.

Better subscriber engagement

Your subscribers will love you when you will send them the content they like, when you will send them offers that they cannot resist, and when you will send them an email just at the time when they most need it.

This can be achieved by carefully segmenting subscribers on the basis of their interests, buying patterns, and activities. Keep a track of your subscribers.

Increase in email open and click rates

Email list segmentation into groups based on subscriber interests and behavior will not just improve engagement but it has proven to increase email open rate and clicks. Segmented email lists get 14.48% more opens and 58.99% more clicks than the non-segmented email lists (source).

The report by MailChimp shows that segmented email lists perform better in terms of unique opens, bounces, unsubscribe rate, and abuse reports.

Better strategy formulation

List segmentation helps email marketers develop powerful strategies. You can target the specific needs of your subscribers.

You know how many subscribers have purchased Product A in the past and how many haven’t. You can devise two different email marketing strategies for these two segments.

Similarly, it goes for all the segments.

The end result is nothing but increase in sales and a pool of happy customers.

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The best thing about email list segmentation is that it is done on autopilot. You don’t have to run any special reports, you don’t have to analyze a whole lot of data and customer profiles, and you don’t even have to hire an expert.

It is just a matter of a few clicks and developing an email marketing strategy that focuses on segmentation. Every new email that you send to your subscribers should move subscribers to different lists based on their responses.

Those who buy should be moved to List A, those who don’t should be moved to List B, those who don’t open the email should be moved to List C, those who open but do not click should be moved to List D, and so on.

Keep shifting and moving subscribers among lists and this is how you will get better over time.

You just need to develop a series of autoresponders, and that’s all.

Get started today.

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