3 Blogging Hacks to Increase Your Blog Traffic

blogging hacks

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Blogging gets easy with the passage of time. No, it doesn’t get daunting because you get the natural internal motivation that keeps you moving when you see the result, when you see traffic, and people loving your ideas.

At the start, it will need time – lots of time, and this is where it gets tough.

If you just started and are passing through a challenging path and the journey is tough, these three blogging hacks will ensure you don’t have to feel the pain of low traffic.


1. Do what works

The rule is simple, do what works. Do what is working for your competitors. No, you don’t have to copy them rather make it better.

For example, if you are looking for new blog post ideas, instead of looking for low competition keywords in Google Keyword Planner, head to one of your competitors and see what type of posts are doing great for them.

Or maybe, you can run a quick search query in the Google to see what types of blog titles pop up on the first page. Choose a blog post, make it better, add more value, add more details, and publish a better blog post.

This is a proven strategy that has always worked for me. It is known as skyscraper technique.

Your readers don’t want to read the same old content that has been published several times on hundreds of blogs. They need something new, something better, and more valuable.

Provide them with what they are looking for and see the visitors rolling in.

Not just the readers but bloggers and webmasters will start linking to your posts.


2. Write long blog posts

Long blog posts outperform the shorter ones. Add more words. Keep your blog posts well over 2000 words.

If you are churning out 2K+ word articles, consider yourself in the game as detailed blog posts are not just loved by readers but are equally loved by search engines. Google rank lengthy and detailed blog posts higher than blog posts with thin content.

A blog post with 2000 words will easily make it to the top page of the Google. Imagine having hundreds of such blog posts – cheesy!

Easy traffic, right?


3. Go visual

Don’t just stick to text. Images, videos, podcasts, and infographics make your blog an interesting place for the visitors.

Videos and images are what keep the readers hooked. Doing video posts and photo posts will drive heaps of social traffic as videos and images are more likely to get viral as compared to text.

Imagine having one of your posts getting viral. That means loads of traffic – for free.

Start adding videos, images, and infographics in your posts to attract readers from places unknown to you.


Yes, I stick to these three blogging hacks and I can tell from my experience that sticking to these hacks will need a lot of time. I mean it is not a piece of cake to write a 2000 word blog post. This is why I have kept this post short 🙂


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