9 Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices For Beginners

conversion rate optimization best practices

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If you are new to conversion rate optimization, following the best practices will help you get started. Instead of testing things yourself, why not stick to a few established and tested rules?

So what is conversion rate optimization?

Well, it refers to the actions taken on a website (or any web page) that result in an increase in the number of visitors that convert into customers.

Here is a list of some proven techniques and best practices for conversion rate optimization to increase leads and sales.


1. Move CTA above the fold

The call to action is perhaps the most critical component of a landing page. Add multiple CTAs and at least one of them should be above the fold.

Above the fold is the upper half of the front page of a newspaper. In case of a landing page, it is the upper half which is viewable without scrolling. Make sure a CTA is placed there so that interested visitors can take action right away.


2. Make CTA prominent

The CTA should be prominent. It should be easily viewable. It shouldn’t be something that visitors have to locate. It should catch the eyes, immediately.

For example, buy now, download instantly, free trial, etc.

Use buttons as well as text CTAs. Use different colors especially contrasting colors. Red is a prominent color so using red buttons on the landing page will improve conversions by 32.5%.


3. Add a crispy headline

Headlines drive traffic. This is the first thing that a visitor will read. It has to be the best one.

The headline should be sweet, easy-to-understand, must have urgency, must have power word(s), must trigger emotions, and it should be catchy.

That’s a lot of work.

A few free tools that will make your life easier and will help you write headlines that will increase conversions are CoSchedule headline analyzer, HubSpot topic generator, and EMV headline analyzer.


4. Don’t forget video(s)

Videos convert. Period.

Better add a professional video on the landing page to improve conversion rate. A video on a landing page can increase the conversion rate to a whopping 46%.

Videos are easy to consume, videos can deliver a lot of information in a short span of time, and videos are interactive. Who hates them after all?


5. Focus on the benefits

Features don’t sell – benefits sell.

Whatever you are trying to sell, focus on nothing else but the benefits.

Your customers are not interested in the ‘handmade shoes’ you sell rather they will be interested in why these ‘handmade shoes’ are better than their counterparts? What benefit they get out from handmade shoes?

Do not count the features, please.


6. Play with the emotions

The rule is simple, emotional marketing works.

Add words, phrases, images, videos, and content that directly appeal to the emotions of your target audience. This is the best conversion rate optimization technique of all times.


7. Select a decent color scheme

Colors on the landing page are directly associated with the buying behaviors. As high as 92% people say that colors have the highest impact on their buying decisions.

The best color scheme is black and white. Black text on white background. It works.

Whatever color scheme you wish to go for make sure it appeals to the readers, it doesn’t make it hard to read and navigate, and it should go well with your brand.


8. Create urgency

Don’t create unnecessary urgency. Don’t create hype.

Create urgency naturally.

If you have 30 items in the stock and your ecommerce store says ‘2 items left, hurry’, it is not urgency but dishonesty. Don’t cheat, don’t lie, and don’t create hypothetical urgency as it will worsen the conversion rate and will negatively impact user engagement.

Stick to natural and honest urgency for improving conversions.


9. Test, test, and test

Three times is enough, I suppose.

The number one conversion rate optimization best practice is to test everything on (and off) the landing page ranging from headlines to CTAs to button colors to background to images to videos and more.

Patience is the name of the game.

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