4 List Building Tips for Beginners

list building tips

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Email marketing is incomplete without list building. In fact, you cannot do email marketing without list building. Email marketing has a lot of benefits but I love one of them and that is, it lets you build a strong relationship with your subscribers (or customers).

Email marketing starts with list building which is very hard. Importantly, list building isn’t free. You have to use email marketing software for that and all the reliable and authentic ones aren’t free.

But what’s wrong in investing a few bucks a month if you are getting hundreds of bucks in return plus you are getting subscribers that stick to you like glue.

How you can build list quickly and effectively? Here are a few easy, I mean really easy-to-follow, email list building tips.

It starts with a powerful lead magnet

Offer something free to your readers. It must be related to their interest.

For instance, if you have a health blog then think of offering your readers with a free eBook about ‘50 health tips’. Of course anyone who has landed on your blog is primarily interested in getting information about health so why not offer them something of value for free.

This free eBook is known as a lead magnet.

The free stuff must be of value. Don’t send them crap. Your readers will unsubscribe from the list and might turn into dissatisfied clients.

Post content regularly

You need to write frequently.

Update your website regularly. If you have a blog, write consistently and write well. Do not write generic content rather stick to informative content. When your readers will see that your blog is updated regularly, they will be more likely to share their email address with you.

Use optin forms sensibly

Do not irritate your readers with “subscribe to” popups. Use simple sign up form at the end of the page instead of bothering your readers with a pop-ups while they are reading something important.

You cannot get email address from someone forcefully, right? There is no need to use those irritating popups. Be natural, be simple, and be friendly when it comes to asking for email address.

Ensure that there is optin form available at all pages of your site so that readers don’t have to search for it.

Don’t be a spammer

Do not spam your list.

This is common. Most of the times you will do it unintentionally. If a user has subscribed for daily blog notification, send him blog notification only. There is no need to send newsletter to such subscribers.

Never ever use ad swaps. Do not share your list with someone else. If your subscribers will feel safe with you and they will know that you do not spam them, they will love you.

I hope these list building tips will help you in building it at a faster pace. Stick to these tips and feel the change.

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