5 Practical Techniques to Creating Catchy Blog Titles to Boost Traffic

catchy blog titles

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Catchy blog titles appeal to the audience. They drive clicks. They drive traffic. They drive sales.

Why not master the art of crafting catchy blog titles then?

A blog title is the first ever thing that a potential reader sees. If the title clicks the reader, he will click, else he will move to the next one. You have to create blog titles that your readers cannot resist.

Below are some of the best tips and techniques to crafting catchy blog titles to bring readers to your blog.


Short and Sexy Works

Keep the blog title short, sweet, and sexy. The optimal characters that you can add in a title are no more than 70. Anything above 70 characters will be trimmed and readers will not be able to read the full title.

Use 70 characters wisely and smartly. Use an average of 10 words in the post title and it will just do fine.

Make the title stand out from the crowd. Make it pop. Make it bright.


  • Clearly tell the reader’s what’s in for them. Make the value clear and let’s share it with the audience.
  • Use the term ‘photos’, ‘video(s)’, ‘infographic’ etc. in the title as these make the title visually appealing.


Use Numbers and Facts

Using numbers, statistics, and facts in the blog title make it catchy and appealing. For example, ‘109% increase in traffic’ looks more appealing as compared to ‘increase in traffic’.

Using a number in the blog title also makes it catchy such as ‘7 tips to…….’.

The readers see benefit and value when they see numbers, facts or statistics in the post title, and they cannot resist clicking.


Psychological Triggers

Yes, they work all the times.

Psychological triggers drive clicks as they appeal to the emotions of the readers directly. They just cannot resist clicking.

In order to make the blog title appeal to the emotions of your target audience, you should understand the challenges and emotional state of your readers. What they crave for? What they are looking for? What is the single thing they cannot go without?


Careful Word Selection

While it is crucial to have your target keyword in the title but it has to be used in a way that it doesn’t ruin the beauty of the title. To make catchy blog titles, you must use catchy words and phrases.

There are power words and phrases that appeal to the emotions of the readers and are proven to work every single time. Some of these words include:

devoted, absolutely, jackpot, edge, easy, things I have seen, epic, mainstream, free, urgent, silly, hack, whopping, deadline, surprise, in the world, payback, panic, unlimited, the reason why, famous, expert, banned, explode, rave, rare, blow your mind, magic, unconditional, toxic, secrets, freebie, and several others.

Incorporate one or two of these power words and phrases carefully in the blog title and it will do the trick.


Be Specific and Simple

In other words, use a working title which clearly conveys the message as to what this blog post is about. Readers do not have to think (for a second) what the blog is about.

The title should say it all. It should use words that non-natives can understand easily. It should make sense.

If readers cannot understand the meaning of the title, why they will bother clicking it?


Get to work by using these simple ways to crafting catchy blog titles that will generate heaps of clicks and traffic.

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