11 Free Keyword Research Tools for Better Keyword Research

free keyword research tools

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It feels awesome to use free keyword research tools for keyword research. Smart SEO begins with keyword research. Once you have taken care of the keyword research, rest is relatively easy.

Here is a list of the best free keyword research tools that will help you get most from keyword research:

Google Keyword Planner

The most powerful tool out there. It shows a clear picture of what people are actually searching in the Google. It has 64% market share which means Google serves 64% of the global search queries so it has the largest database of keywords and search queries. Better use them for your business.

The Google Keyword Planner shows you the monthly search volume of any keyword in all the geographical regions, it shows the competitiveness of the keyword, the average bid, and other useful information.

Bing Webmasters Tools

The Microsoft has 21.3% market share and the Bing (Microsoft’s search engine) serves up to 21.3% search queries. It is the second largest search engine that is widely used in the US. You cannot ignore it when preparing a list of keywords.

Bing Webmasters Tools, just like Google Keyword Planner, shows you the average monthly searches for your preferred keyword. Though their keyword planner tool is not as good as Google’s but it reveals the complete list of keywords and search queries. Unlike Google, Bing doesn’t hide anything from its users.


A nice and an easy-to-use tool that lets you find a whole lot of keywords (especially longtail). It pulls the keywords mostly from Google. It doesn’t show any statistics or search volume, but it will only show a list of suggested keywords based on a seed keyword.

Ubersuggest is best at finding relevant keywords and longtail keywords.

Seed Keywords

It is a more realistic keyword research tool that will let you find the keywords that people use. You have to create a scenario where you insert a question for example, “how people in Pakistan search for a new marketing blog”. This will reveal the search queries that people use in their favorite search engines to find a new marketing blog.

Seed Keywords give you a list of keywords that can be downloaded, and then you can use them as seed keywords to generate more keywords from another tool such as Google Keyword Planner.

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool gives you keyword ideas and suggestions based on a single keyword. Insert any keyword in the search bar, select the search engine you want to pull the data from (Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon and App store), and it will show you a list of suggested keywords.

You can use the returned keywords to run another query to generate more ideas.

Google Correlate

Most of the marketers are not aware of this awesome free SEO tool. Google Correlate comes in handy when you have to find keywords that are searched together or in other words, are correlated. For instance, run a query for ‘fishing’ and it will show you the keywords that are searched with the fishing such as ‘fishing ideas’ and ‘fishing tools’.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Wordtracker Scout

It is a free Chrome extension that scans any page and shows an overview of the keywords. You can find keywords and generate keyword ideas easily. Wordtracker Scout is best at analyzing the websites and blogs of your competitors. See what they are ranking for and what keywords they are targeting.

Get a step ahead and do even better.

Google Trends

Google Trends let you see the trends of the keywords you are interested in. It shows you whether your preferred keyword is getting popular or losing popularity with time. You can find local trends in specific countries. Importantly, it shows you a list of queries that people use in the search engine.

Google Trend happens to be a good starting point when you are looking for seed keywords. Always run a quick search in Google Trends for your base keyword to analyze its popularity, and then move ahead.

Answer the Public

This is an interesting free keyword research tool that shows you the actual questions that people type in search engines. You have to enter a keyword in the search bar, select your target country and run the query. Answer the Public will show you a list of questions that people search for which are related to the seed keyword.

It is like you enter the answer in the search bar and it shows you the questions.

It is a great tool to find some long tail keywords.

SEO Book Tools

SEO Book has multiple free keyword research tools that are extremely useful. They have a Keyword Suggestion Tool, Keyword List Generator, Keyword Density Analyzer, Type Generator, and others. You should better have a look at their awesome keyword research tools that don’t cost a penny to try.

Suggestion Keyword Finder

This is created by SEO Chat. It gives you keyword suggestions and ideas based on a preferred keyword. You can find related keywords at three different levels. With each level, it suggests keywords at a deeper level.

A worth trying free keyword research tool.

It is never too late to try something new. Better try these free keyword research tools today to get better at keyword research.

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