What Is the Optimal Keyword Density?

optimal keyword density

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Keyword density is defined as the number of times a specific keyword is used or repeated on a webpage compared to the total number of words on that page. It is calculated in percent.

So what is the optimal keyword density? How many times should you use your main keyword on a web page to make sure it ranks well?

Let’s see what Matt Cutts is saying about the keyword density.

Here you go, there is no ideal keyword density that will work for every single web page. There is no magical figure that will lead to high search engine rankings.

Should you then ignore keyword density?

Not exactly.

You should, instead, use keywords smartly and naturally. Using a specific keyword multiple times throughout the copy will hurt your website so this is not what you should do.

The best technique is to use your focus keyword in the title. If the keyword is in the title, the page will rank for the subject keyword. Once you have incorporated a keyword in the title, it doesn’t matter whether you use the keyword in the copy or not. Even if you do not use it in the copy, the page will still rank for it.


It is natural that you will talk about the same keyword.

For example, if you are writing an article for your blog having a title ‘Cheap laptops on planet Mars’. Your target keyword is ‘cheap laptops’. Fine. You do not use the keyword in the article, not once. Your article will still rank for the term ‘cheap laptops’ because you will be eventually using an alternate word or phrase. In reality, if you have to write an article on cheap laptops on planet Mars, you will try to cover the topic in the article body. So even if the main keyword is not used, you will use some other words, phrases, or terms that will represent the same keyword like ‘affordable machines’, ‘inexpensive computers’, etc.

Makes sense, right?

So it is all about using your keyword in the title and that’s it. Search engines are smart. They index the entire page and they know what the page is actually about.

In reality, keyword density is nothing but another SEO myth. It used to work in ancient times but there is nothing as ideal keyword density in today’s era.

If you have the habit of repeating a specific keyword in the article body, you should better change your habits as it is not making much of a difference. In fact, this might hurt search engine rankings.

Say NO to keyword density.


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