5 Silly Content Marketing Strategy Mistakes

content marketing strategy mistakes

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Content marketing is easy. All you have to do is write a killer article and share it. You have to do it as often as you can. It sounds too easy to be true. Content marketers face a lot of challenges.

Content marketing strategy mistakes is one among them.

In devising a content marketing strategy, any of these 5 mistakes will make it hard for you to make any impact.


1. Substandard Content

The purpose of content marketing and to posting content, is to drive traffic and generate sales. Substandard content doesn’t do this. It doesn’t have the power to generate traffic.

It is not just about writing a grammatically correct article. It is neither about writing a long article with a couple thousand words. It is about giving it 100% and adding real value.

Ask yourself, what new your content has for to the readers. Is it adding any real significant value? Is it a piece that people will read and share with others?

Write great content. Only the great content will bring results.

Anything average will not help much.


2. Not Being Helpful

Writing content to promote your website and products is the biggest content marketing strategy mistakes. Don’t be a seller – be a helper.

If you are helping your target audience with the awesome content, they will buy from you.

Create a win-win situation. Help the readers by solving their biggest problem. They will stick to you.

Write content as if you are teacher or mentor. Guide and teach your readers. Help them from the core of your heart. This is how your content marketing efforts will bring results.


3. Not Setting Goals

Every article that you write and publish should have a specific goal. What you want to achieve from it.

Not setting goals will ruin your content marketing strategy.

Publishing quality blog posts without setting any goals and without any real purpose will not generate any results. You will not be able to monitor, analyze, measure, compare, and repeat the same writing tactic.

Every single article and blog post must have specific goals which must support your overall content marketing strategy.


4. Ignoring SEO

If you have to write an article, better write it the right way. Optimize it for search engines.

Not optimizing the headlines, tags, title, and ignoring keywords is a serious content marketing strategy mistake that must be avoided. There is no room for making this particular mistake because it doesn’t cost a penny to optimize content for search engines.

Start with keyword research, write a killer title and place the focus keyword in it, add headings and subheadings, optimize images by adding alt tags, use a sensible mix of keywords, add meta description, and do whatever it takes to make content friendly for search engines.


5. Ignoring Skimmers

Content on the internet is skimmed not read word by word. Around 80% of the people scan content when reading online. Do not ignore such a big chunk of readers by writing long paragraphs.

A lot of content marketers make this mistake of writing blog posts without any headings and bullets. They just write a few paragraphs that are exceptionally hard-to-read.

Instead of writing content for 20% of the readers, focus on the 80%. Write content so that content skimmers can easily scan the content. Write short sentences, add headings, use lists and bullets, and keep paragraphs very short.


It is time to start generating real results from your content by avoiding these common content marketing strategy mistakes.


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