7 Facebook Marketing Mistakes That Are Simply Unforgivable

facebook marketing mistakes

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Every business knows how to be on the Facebook. Over 900 million people use social networks. If you are on the Facebook that’s the right thing to do, but are you making one of these common Facebook marketing mistakes?

Here is a list of the Facebook marketing mistakes that are unforgivable. If you are making one of these, better fix it immediately.


1. Incomplete Facebook Page Info

Have you filled all the details on the Facebook page? Is there something missing? Do you have updated address, phone numbers, email address, URL, opening and closing timings, logo, description, and the profile picture?

There are so many Facebook pages out there that do not even have their website listed on the page. If you have to visit their website, you have to search the business on the Google.

Solution: Update the page, add as much information as possible, and keep it updated. Allow people to find and contact you easily with a click of a button.


2. Begging For Likes and Comments

Begging for likes, comments, shares, and engagement is the worst thing you can do. Yes, the shares do impact the organic reach in the news feed but it doesn’t mean that you should literally start begging for likes.

Even if you are running a community Facebook page, it is still not a good idea. It gives a bad impression to your target audience. Be professional.

Solution: Don’t be a ‘Facebook beggar’. Stop asking your audience to like, share and comment on your posts, photos and videos. Instead, post content that your audience cannot resist sharing and liking.


3. Not Posting Regularly

Facebook is a social network. The idea is to interact with your audience and the only possible way is to publish new posts. Not posting regularly will reduce the user engagement and your followers will switch, eventually.

Solution: Publishing 3 new posts a day on your Facebook page is considered best as this is the optimal posting frequency. Anything more or less might impact user engagement.


4. Not Posting Videos and Photos – Only Text

Images convert better than text and videos convert better than images. But, the majority of the Facebook marketers and page admins are used to posting nothing but text. Who in this world has the time to read text on a social networking website?

Text-only posts don’t just bore your audience but such posts are ignored as the news feed of your audience is filled with visual posts. The text doesn’t catch the attention.

If you are suffering from low user-engagement and your posts are not getting enough shares and likes, try incorporating videos in the posts.

Solution: Almost 74% of the all internet traffic in 2017 will be video meaning that it will be driven by videos. Start posting more videos and less text on your Facebook page. Add images, infographics, and videos to your Facebook marketing strategy.


5. Selling All The Times

There are Facebook pages that are always busy promoting products, other pages, websites, publishing sponsored posts, and everything that generate money for the admin. This is such a crucial Facebook marketing mistake that you don’t have any idea.

Too much selling will ruin your reputation. Your audience will not trust you. They will turn away, leave you, and will like another less promotional page.

After all, your followers are dumb. They know the difference between an ad and a genuine valuable post.

Solution: Facebook is a social network, don’t make it a selling platform. Build a relationship with your followers on Facebook. Drive traffic from Facebook to your website and that’s where you should sell.


6. Not Engaging

Not engaging with the audience and followers is one of the biggest Facebook marketing mistakes. Yet, it is so common. I see lots of comments that are never answered. There are complaints posted on the Facebook pages of the big brands which are never replied. People abuse the brand in the comments, and there is no one to defend.

If this is what you do with your audience, better delete the Facebook page. The reason why you are there is to engage with the target audience, interact, help, listen, respond, and build a relationship with them.

Solution: Reply to every single comment, respond to every message that you receive, and respond to every single post on your Facebook page. Do it publicly. If someone has complained in the comment, reply to the comment so that others can see you ‘care’.

No one can see if you personally contacted the complainer and resolved the issue. You have to respond to the comment so everyone can see.


7. Ignoring Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights should be the love of every digital marketer. Ignoring Facebook Insights is a serious issue. Why ignore something that gives you so much information about your target audience, their demographics, and shows you a whole lot of analysis?

Facebook Insights aren’t just helpful for the Facebook audience but the analysis is useful off Facebook. If you have to run a PPC campaign, maybe on AdWords, these insights from Facebook will help you target the right audience – only if you ever bothered to see those silly graphs and charts.

Solution: At least once a week, look at the Facebook Insights and try to understand your target audience. See what type of people are liking your page, what type of people are sharing your posts, and if needed, run an ad campaign on Facebook to drive more traffic to your Facebook page.


Avoid these 7 Facebook marketing mistakes to better engagement with your audience on Facebook.


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