5 Best Marketing Campaigns and Ads: Ramadan 2016

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A successful marketing campaign is one that connects with the audience emotionally and gets the job done. For a marketer, it is not easy to come up with something that will appeal to a wider audience. Following is the list of 5 best marketing campaigns and ads that were specifically created for Ramadan 2016.


1. The Big Bazar #NekiKaMahina


I was checking my news feed when I saw this ad. I couldn’t resist watching it again and checking their website. Though I knew that Big Bazar doesn’t ship to Pakistan but I couldn’t stop myself from visiting their website. All because of the ad.

It is appealing, connects emotionally, and above all has a great message. Perhaps the most powerful feature of the ad is none other than its message. The message that they delivered made all the difference.

Result: The ad has been shared 6K times on Facebook, has 511K views, and it has 19K likes.


2. Surf Excel #madadekibadat


A masterpiece from Surf Excel Pakistan that turned the tables. I really loved the ad. It reminded me of the Almarai Ramadan ad 2015. But who cares, it is exceptionally great.

The message, emotional connectivity, and the theme were all perfect. A well-executed and well-planned ad.

Result: It has 2,187,522 views on YouTube, 7.9 million views on Facebook, 549K likes, 172K shares, and 22K comments. Compared to the previous ads by Surf Excel which used to have less than 20K likes and a few hundred comments.


3. Lipton #‎MakeItHappen


The ad performed far better than all the previous ads by Lipton Pakistan. The ad was first created in Arabic and was later translated to Urdu.

It has multiple messages for the society. It connects to the audience at a personal level.

Result: It outperformed all the previous ads by Lipton. It has 8.4M views on Facebook, 2.4K comments, 207K likes, and 13K shares.


4. Rafhan Desserts ‪#‎MeethaPyarJaisa


Rafhan Desserts created a cool ad and marketing campaign for Ramadan 2016. The TVC is quite emotional. The message is not as strong but the emotional hook is perfect. It hits every mom.

Result: It performed better than other ads of the same brand with a massive margin. The Facebook engagement tells all the story with 5.7M views, 46K shares, 221K likes, and 6.5K comments.


5. Wall’s Pakistan #‎KeroKuchKhaas


This one is my personal favorite. It has a powerful social message, it has the emotional appeal, and it represents the feelings of a lot of kids and their fathers.

I am not sure why Wall’s shared the video on their Facebook page twice. Well, it did exceptionally great both the times.

Result: The ad has 4.6M views, 150K likes, 4.6K comments, and 24K shares.


3 Marketing Lessons from 5 Best Marketing Campaigns

1. Marketing is all about the underpinning message. Messages geared towards the society do better than messages geared towards the business.

A powerful message is all what a marketing campaign needs to hit big.

2. Emotional marketing works. It works every single time. All the 5 marketing campaigns appeal to the emotions instead of the reason.

An emotional marketing campaign will always outperform all other types of marketing campaigns. Start establishing an emotional hook with the target audience in the marketing campaigns.

3. As long as you have a strong message to deliver, you don’t have to talk about your brand or products. Brand mentions and talking about the products will negatively impact the campaign if it is geared towards a strong message for the people (in general).


It is time to learn something new from these engaging and the best marketing campaigns.


Featured Image by Flickr.


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