9 Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

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As a blogger, your job is to do what works – nothing else. The 9 blogging tips shared in this post are sure to work. Period.

I have worked with hundreds, if not thousands, of blogs. I have learned a lot over the years. These are the 9 things that matter the most when it comes to differentiating beginners from the expert bloggers.


1. Be Honest

Be honest to what you do. Never lie to your readers. Do not be fake. Do not mislead. Do not exaggerate.

Be honest.

It is all about trust. If your readers trust you, they do so for a reason. Do not lose their trust by being dishonest.


2. Use Real Name

Use your real name instead of a pen name. Use your real picture.

People build relationships with real people – not with mock bloggers.


3. Add Value

Don’t blog for the sake of blogging. Even if your intention is to make money from your blog, you still have to do it the right way.

Do not scrap content. Try to add value. Be genuine.

If you and your blog are not adding any real value, consider yourself out of the game.

Always add your own perspective to what you are writing. Even if you are quoting someone else, add your own voice. This is one nice way of adding value.


4. Be Passionate

Blogging is a reliable business model. There is no room for part-timers.

Never give up. Do not lose hope.

Even if things aren’t working (most of the times they don’t), you have to go on. Do not quit.

Stick to your blog like glue. Even if you have zero visitors, keep adding new content.


5. Analyze

Test. Monitor. Analyze.

If you have to do it, better do it professionally.

Monitor and analyze your blog. Use analytic tools such as Google Analytics. Conduct surveys.

Monitor traffic. Have an eye on social shares. Don’t ignore Facebook insights.

There is so much to monitor and analyze. The only way to improve your blog is to see what works and what doesn’t. You cannot do it without analyzing every bit of your blog.


6. Publish Frequently

This is my favorite blogging tip.

Blogging is all about publishing new content, better add it as often as possible.

It doesn’t just give search engine spiders a reason to crawl your blog but it gives your readers a reason to visit your blog more often.

Make sure you add content regularly. If you have to post three blog posts a week, instead of posting all the three posts on a single day (maybe over the weekend when you find time for writing), spread them out. Maybe publish one on Monday, another on Wednesday and another on Friday.


7. Build an Email List

An email list lets you connect with the readers. Email lists are best at user engagement.

It doesn’t cost much to ask your readers for their email address so that you can keep them updated on the new blog posts and happenings on your blog.


8. Write for Skimmers

People on the internet prefer skimming the content instead of reading it word-by-word. Seventy nine percent of the people scan content on the internet.

You should write content so that it is easy to read and scan.

Use short sentences. Use subheadings. Use bullet points and lists.

Large paragraphs without any subheadings rarely convert.


9. Network

Build connections. Network with fellow bloggers.

Networking is such a crucial component of blogging yet it doesn’t get due respect from the bloggers.

Read other people’s blogs. Comment. Follow them. Take inspirations. Make friends.

Networking is the best growth pill for your blog.



I can write on and on but I will stop here. These were my favorite blogging tips. Stick to these for a better blogging career.


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